Dungeon Keeper (Mobile) - Dungeon Builder Added

I'd wanted to make a dungeon builder for Dungeon Keeper for a few weeks but I figured it would be easier as a desktop app rather than a webapp. But a post on the Dungeon Keeper forums pointed me in the right direction. The Dungeon Builder should help plan new layouts and remember where your consumable traps are meant to be. The description page allows you to load other people's builds and see a change history for the builder.

It is still a work in progress so more features are coming. Right now it will save your builds to your local machine and can generate a link for sharing with other people. Buildings and traps will not place on top of each other but they will place on top of any tile types. The page has a list of future features.

First Tool Added

Created a tool for the mobile game Defender 2 to calculate the most effective damage skill to purchase next.

Defender 2 (Droidhen) Damage Calculator