Defender 2 (DroidHen) Damage Calculator

Player Stats

Fatal Blow
Multi Arrow
Final Bow
Calculator Help
  • Enter your stats, Select use Final Fantasy Bow or enter bow stats and calculate
  • Upgrades are displayed in order of the least cost per damage increase. The first upgrade should always be the most cost effective
  • Calculator saves a cookie with your last entered settings so you do not have to enter them from scratch again
Defender 2 (Droidhen) Tips
  • Upgrade DPS in the most efficient order using the damage calculator
  • The tower and moat did not seem effective from stage 1 - 1000. Focus upgrades on magic imo
  • Ice Age. Get it.
  • Use the back button on your phone to skip the after stage stats faster
  • Waste excess mana casting spells to get increased spell damage achievements, particularly at the end of rounds