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Can Tiny Kill it?

I've put together a combat simulator to help determine if tiny can destroy things while under fire. Use the Can Tiny Kill It? tool to see what level tiny can destroy various buildings with some defences around them.

One doesn't often leave Tiny sitting on a freeze trap or bug zapper so I haven't modelled how freeze or stun works. If it becomes important I may add it in the future.

Dungeon Keeper Tools Update

I've added some higher quality art to the dungeon builder. Zubba from the dungeon keeper forums is making high res images of all the buildings for a personal project and has let me use them here. I think they look significantly better. Sadly there is no longer a troll hiding in the guild lair.

I put together a page that will calculate the maximum storage available at every heart level with specified number of mines claimed. It's called the Dungeon Keeper - Maximum Storage Calculator. Not particularly useful but it was about as hard to make the tool as to do the math at each level so there it is.

Dungeon Builder Update - Server Saving of Builds

The server is now able to save your builds rather than using browser local storage or generating an excessively long link. Since this website has no logins you own a build by assigning it a "key" or password. With this key you can save changes to the build anyone else can only view it and save it under another name. I recommend simple keys be used since they are passed around as plain text and if you forget it you will lose the ability to change that build.

The new link format will look like: http://appGoons.tk/dungeonkeeper/?name=your+build+name

Builds previously saved in local storage will still be available for loading. They may eventually disappear though so it is a good idea to move them to a server side save.


  • Builds can now be saved on the server
  • Builds can no longer be saved in browser local storage
  • Links to share builds are now a sensible size
  • A toggle for displaying rooms/traps has been added for easier floor management

Future Features
  • Mobile browser support
  • Mark enemy spawn as captured/un-captured
  • Count of each deployed trap
  • Enforce more rules around how buildings and traps can be placed
  • Variable size grid
  • Make the floor drawing paint the tile type selected or toggle between walkable and the selected type based on a configuration
  • Build sharing, comments and ratings on the site