Sword and Potion 2 Helper Overview

The helper is similar to a other flash game save reading pages. It will look at your current save data and attempt to provide you useful information from that. Unlike other flash games the save data is stored on the Edgebee server so you can't export it from the game. Instead you copy the message sent from the server to your game and look at the contents here.

The goal is to display useful information in a more easily accessible manner than the game client.

Is it cheating? The helper doesn't and can't change how the game acts or communicates with the server. All it does is present information that may have been more difficult to find manually

Features with Player data (manual or add-on):

  • View all customers
    • Whether they are on a klash/quest
    • Current Exp
    • Best klash/quest send value and equipment
  • View inventory and item details
  • View current recipes for unlocks to plan what to make next
  • Calculate number of each item required as precrafts to complete all research
  • See results of Dungeon hunts immediately after sending

Features with Visitor data (manual or add-on):

  • See when your crafters will double items and plan what item to double
  • See which customers will come
  • See whether each customer will accept a suggested item
  • Helper will calculate which item to sell/suggest to gain the most money (without selling useful precrafts)
  • Know immediately which customers can not sold to easily ignore them

Features with add-on:

  • Data automatically entered in to page. No manual steps required
  • Day status automatically appears as days start and end
  • Inventory stays up to date as items are made or sold to customers
  • Customers disappear from the current day list as they are helped
  • Crafting status is updated in real time to more easily plan doubling items
Sourcing Data: Manual Entry

In order to view your save data you will need to find it. It is sent from the Edgebee server to your game client. There are several ways to view this data but the easiest is usually to view network traffic in your browser.

Player Data

This contains nearly all the information presented including current customers, recipe unlocks and inventory

  1. Open your browser. A recent version of Firefox or Chrome is recommended. IE might work also.
  2. Open 2 tabs. In one tab open Sword and Potion 2 Helper. Have the other tab be blank. We will open the game there later.
  3. On the blank tab press F12 - a window will pop up or a panel will appear
  4. In this window find a network tab - the data will appear here
  5. Load the game in this window
  6. Find the correct message (see screenshot below)
    • It will be the first call to client_action. Possibly showing http://www.edgebee.com/shopr2/client_action
    • The Response details may contain a "player" field
    • It will often be after a bunch of requests to "crossdomain.xml"
  7. Copy the message:
    • Firefox - Right click on the message and select "Copy Response"
    • Chrome -
    • IE -
  8. On the helper page paste the data into the Paste Data box at the top and click Load Data
  9. If you did it correctly the header for this section will change to Data - Ready (Manual Mode) as well as your item quantities appearing in the items section

Visitor Data

This will populate the Day Visitors and Current Workers panels

  1. This is fairly annoying to do every game day. Consider using the firefox add-on
  2. Start from having already successfully imported your player data
  3. Look in the network capture window of your browser for the correct message
  4. The easiest way to find it is to start a game day, pause the game and select the last client_action
  5. It will be a call to client_action. Possibly showing http://www.edgebee.com/shopr2/client_action
  6. The response must contain the text "StartDayEvent"
  7. If the response is shown in a expandable tree view expand result -> events -> 0. __type__ must be "StartDayEvent"
  8. As above copy the message, past it into the Paste Data box and click Load Data
  9. If you did it correctly the Current Workers panel and Day Visitors panel will fill with data
Sourcing Data: Firefox Add-On

The Sword and Potions 2 Helper Firefox Add-0n automates the process of getting game data from the server connection to the display page. The Add-On doesn't and can't change how the game acts or communicates with the server. It just passively moves the data for you. This allows the display page to process more details than would be convenient to manually apply to the page (e.g. customer actions).

To install:

  1. Download the latest verion: Firefox Add-0n 1.0.0 (now signed)
  2. Drag the downloaded swords_and_potions_2_helper-1.0.0-fx.xpi file on to a firefox browser
  3. Click install on the little firefox popup that appears

To Use:

  • Before opening the game click the Swords and Potions 2 Helper icon in your firefox window. This will either:
    • Open the data page and link the plugin to deliver data to the new page
    • Find an open data page and link the plugin to deliver data to that page. It will also focus the page it found.
  • The add-on and data page must be opened and linked before starting the game so the player (inventory/customer/etc) data can be loaded
  • Once the player data has been loaded the Data panel will say 'Data - Ready'. After this play the game as normal and view information in the page
  • If it ever appears that data is not getting to the display page click the add-on icon. This will re-link the add-on to the data page and focus the correct page.
Current Workers Panel
  • Shows the workers active on your current day
  • "Crafts Before Double" column shows how many crafts BEFORE the next duplicated item
    • e.g. if it says 1 the next finished craft will not double, but the one after that will
    • When it says "NEXT CRAFT" select what you want to double and make that
    • The doubling is used up only when an item is made. You can cancel crafts or research before doubling an item.
Day Visitors Panel
  • Day visitors has a "Response" column
    • The goal is to tell you as quickly as possible how to deal with the customer
      • The only time you should have to confirm the action is when it says to sell an item the customer wants
      • The wanted item is random in the client so it can not be determined for sure
      • When it says to sell, check the customer is asking for the item it recommends
    • It should suggest the highest value item in your inventory that:
      • Doesn't have a rare in it's recipe tree
      • Isn't a pre-craft for a recipe that is not yet unlocked
      • Hasn't been configured to not sell (see items display features)
    • It will prefer to sell a low value item rather than suggest if it will increase the customer's affinity
    • This column will update immediately with inventory changes or change to the saleable items list
    • The "Sugg" column tells you whether the customer will accept a suggestion. If it is yes they will take any item you recommend. The Response column will select the most expensive non-precraft
  • Day visitors has a "Next Customer All Possible Wanted Items" table
    • Next customer is the earliest customer who hasn't been dealt with
    • This table displays all items that customer could have wanted. ShouldSell will tell you whether you should sell that item based on your settings and recipe progression
    • The game selects items to want based on their level. The highest level items are at the top of this table
  • Day visitors has a "Next Customer Filtered Suggestions" table
    • This able shows all the suggestions that it recommends selling to this customer
    • Anything you shouldn't want to sell won't show up
    • Organized by price
    • No items show up if the customer will not take them
    • This table can be used to find alternate items to sell if the highest price suggestion or sale recommendation is not desired
Customers Panel
  • Displays details about all the customers you currently have access to. Such as:
    • Level/Max Level
    • Exp
    • Quest/Klash sending status
    • Best equipment you currently have
    • Best war sending value you can make
  • Allows highlighting of customers which appears in the day visitor page also. Useful to pick which customers will klash/quest/etc and never miss them when they will arrive
  • Every column can be sorted. It is useful to sort by:
    • War Value to determine who to send to Klash
    • Class to determine who to send on quests
    • Highlight to see which customers you are now/have been interested in
Items Panel
  • Shows all items in the game along with useful information about the items
  • Count is the number of this item you currently posses. It is updated in real time as you craft/sell
  • Sellable configures how this item shows up in the Day Visitor Responses
    • Default means the item will appear if it has no rare components and is not a precraft for any recipes you have not unlocked yet
    • No means this item will never be recommended for sale
    • Yes means this item will always be recommended for sale regardless of precraft/rare status
  • Unlocked displays yes if you have the ability to craft/research this item
  • Researched displays yes if you have the ability to craft the item
  • Unlock item is the item that must be crafted to unlock this item
  • T4 is yes if the item or any of it's precrafts uses a T4 resource
  • Rare is yes if the item or any of it's precrafts uses a Rare resource
  • At the bottom of the item list is the "Do Not Sell List" these are items that are precrafts or you've selected not to sell
Unlocks In Progress Panel
  • Shows all items which can be crafted to unlock another recipe
  • Also shows the workstation and worker involved
Precrafts For Unlocks
  • THIS PANEL DOES NOT AUTO UPDATE. Use the calculate button. It may take some time
  • Calculates all the items required to unlock the rest of the recipes in the game
  • "Only show recipes that can be made now". Limit to calculating only unlocked recipes
  • "Only show recipes that do not require rares". Limit to only calculating recipes that do not require rares or rare precrafts
  • It shows both precrafts and actual recipe crafts
Hunts Panel
  • Displays the status of hunts/dungeons in progress
  • What customers/items were used
  • What loot was awarded
  • What items were broken
  • If the "Loot Awarded" column says "refresh" you need to refresh the game to find out the results of the hunt